Al Hefeiti Advocates provides advice and assistance on every type of transaction affecting real property and freehold issues. Our expertise in this area of law include counseling on matters involving the acquisition, entitlement, development, construction, financing, operation, lease, and disposition of real estate, including industrial sites, office buildings and residential units. We also advise and draft property-related documents including mortgages, charges, debentures and rental agreement.
Our firm takes pride for the assistance we render to several companies to acquire real properties on any of the freehold properties in the U.A.E. Not only do our attorneys provide counsel but they appear before administrative authorities and other governmental regulatory bodies to help our clients obtain the necessary approvals and permits to proceed with their projects.
Al Hefeiti Advocates is one of the leading offices in the UAE dealing in rental issues and qualified to appear before a rent committee to determine rental disputes. We possess a vast expertise in dealing with rent issues and applying the law to the benefit of our clients.
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